How far is jacksonville from orlando plane?

The distance from Jacksonville, FL to Orlando is approximately 240 kilometers. The flight time calculation is based on the crow ahead distance between Orlando, FL and Jacksonville, FL (as the crow flies), which is about 125 miles or 201 kilometers. The distance between Orlando and Jacksonville is 201 kilometers (125 miles). The driving distance from Orlando to Jacksonville is 230 kilometers (143 miles).

Distance from Jacksonville, FL to Tampa, FL There are 171.51 miles from Jacksonville to Tampa southwest and 200 miles (321.87 kilometers) by car, following route I-75 S. Oneworld and Star Alliance are the alliances of airlines that operate flights between Jacksonville and Orlando, with oneworld being the most used for this route. Read on to learn everything you need to know about spending time at the beach while visiting Jacksonville, Florida. Jacksonville is an entertaining first stop on any Florida road trip, thanks to its cuisine, music and culture.

Place names are translated into coordinates to approximate the distance between Jacksonville and Orlando (latitude and longitude). Airlines flying from Jacksonville to Orlando have enacted additional safety measures and have adjusted policies to better suit travelers. The travel distance between Jacksonville and Walt Disney World is 164 miles, so yes, you can drive there. The shortest flight route between Jacksonville International Airport (JAX) and Orlando International Airport (MCO).

Orlando, Tallahassee, United States ↔ Jacksonville, Tallahassee, United States %3D 125 miles %3D 201 km The calculation of flight time is based on the crow ahead distance between Jacksonville, FL and Orlando, FL (as the crow flies), which is about 125 miles or 201 kilometers. Orlando is located in the United States with coordinates (28.5383, -81.379) and Jacksonville is located in the United States with (30.3322, -81.655 coordinates). It is 429.39 miles from Orlando to the south of the border northeast and 482 miles (775.70 kilometers) by car, following I-95 N. If you're looking for more diversity, lots of people, amazing food and lots of attractions, Orlando is probably the best thing for you.

Now let's say you have a private jet and can fly in the fastest possible straight line between Orlando, Florida and Jacksonville, Florida. So now we can finally get an idea of the total travel time from Orlando to Jacksonville, including time spent getting to and from airports, approximately 2 hours at the departure airport for TSA security lines and waiting at the gate, plus the connecting flight with a 2-hour stopover.

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