Is jacksonville fl on the beach?

Tree-lined residential streets in The Beaches lead to miles of white sand on the Atlantic coast. Jacksonville Beach is home to the Beaches Museum's local history exhibits, and it also draws anglers to its beach pier for deep sea fishing. Beachfront shopping malls, seafood restaurants and wine bars dot the area. The beautiful Neptune Beach is located between the beaches of Jacksonville and the Atlantic.

Technically, its own small waterfront community, this charming spot is a member of the Jacksonville Beach Community and while small, it is one of the best beaches in Jacksonville. Atlantic Beach is the most historic area on the east coast; many believe that this sandy place was the first place on the continent to be populated throughout the year by Native Americans. Nowadays, the beach is dotted with tourists lounging in the sun, frolicking among the waves or playing golf on the nearby courses, especially during the warm summer months. The nearby Hanna Park is a trendy spot for those who want to surf.

This natural wonderland claims the northern part of Atlantic Beach, and is an ideal place to catch incredible waves. At the north end of the 1.5 mile long beach (which is technically part of Atlantic Beach) you'll find all the action. A paradise for surfers, this section is home to some of the most radical waves in the state. Named The Poles, because of the wooden poles that protrude from the ocean in this area, this place has been considered the main surfing spot in northeast Florida.

It's an excellent place to witness totally tubular entertainment or take part in some epic rides yourself. It's not every day you can sunbathe in front of a historic fort. About 51 miles north of Jacksonville Beach, on beautiful Amelia Island, is the exclusive Fort Clinch State Park. On the grounds of the amazingly well-preserved 19th century fortress lies a beautiful and extensive beach.

Technically just outside Jacksonville, this luxurious beach is nearly five miles south of Jacksonville Beach, or about 18 miles from downtown. Over the years, it has gained fame as the beach of choice for those who come to play or watch the most appreciated golf competitions: the Players Championship and the PGA tour. With this notoriety comes a higher price for things like hotels, meals and beach rentals. You should also be prepared for big crowds, especially when those competitions are in full swing.

Just 12 miles north of Atlantic Beach, Little Talbot Island State Park is located on the barrier island of the same name. The park has more than five miles of pristine sandy beaches, which ask to be explored. This is one of the only undeveloped islands in this section of the state. As such, its inland region is home to marshes and coastal forests, which are home to a wide variety of Florida's ecosystems and wildlife.

Another beautiful beach is located on Amelia Island, an hour's drive from Jacksonville Beach. A historic landmark, this soft sandy beach is steeped in history. Abraham Lincoln Lewis (believed to be Florida's first black millionaire) described the beach as “a place of recreation and relaxation without humiliation” in the mid-1930s. Until this time, black visitors were not allowed on all beaches in the United States due to segregation laws.

Atlantic Beach is a charming coastal community near Jacksonville. The area has an interesting history, as most expert historians believe that Atlantic Beach was the first year-round Native American settlement in North America. The beaches here are quite relaxed with a relaxed atmosphere. They are very popular with locals and tourists in summer, so claim your place on the sand early.

The community that surrounds the beach has several excellent golf courses and pleasant parks for the whole family. Other popular activities include surfing, cycling and shelling. Many visitors who come to Atlantic Beach love it so much that they keep coming back year after year. Wedding venues in jacksonville fl Fernandina Beach is the northernmost city on the Florida coast.

It is located on Amelia Island in Nassau County, near Jacksonville. The city is perhaps best known for its annual Isle of Eight Flags shrimp festival, held annually, as well as being a destination for golfers. Festival activities include shopping at the variety of vendors offering seafood, art, crafts, antiques and more, as well as enjoying live music concerts, beauty contests and fireworks. The city itself is quite charming and has several interesting boutiques, shops and restaurants.

The beach borders the historic center of the city and is perfect for families, with a children's playground, plenty of parking and a large space for picnicking and relaxing on the beach. Fort Clinch State Park occupies more than 1,400 acres on Amelia Island, which is a barrier island off the coast of Jacksonville. The park has 3 miles of coastline and offers a variety of recreational activities for the whole family, including fishing, swimming, shelling and sunbathing. The centerpiece of the park is a historic fortress that features actors dressed in period from the Civil War era, as well as a number of historical artifacts.

The beach itself is a natural beach with few services for tourists. Your children will enjoy the many species of wildlife they can see during their visit, including shorebirds, sea turtles and caimans. More things to do in Jacksonville, FL Between Jacksonville Beach and Atlantic Beach, is the small coastal community of Neptune Beach. If you've come to the beach to unwind, relax and enjoy a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Neptune Beach is for you.

This stretch of sand offers some of the most incredible sunsets and sunrises you'll find on the Atlantic coast. While you won't find a bustling nightlife or major tourist resorts, this tranquil resort offers a variety of boutique shops, delicious restaurants, and several beachfront accommodation options. You are sure to leave your trip feeling recharged, relaxed and satisfied. Agustín, founded in September 1565 by Don Pedro Menéndez de Avilés in Spain, is the oldest continuously inhabited.

Covering about 60 blocks along the Atlantic Ocean, it is the busiest beach of all the beaches in the Jacksonville area. The beach of more than four miles is wide and is bordered by small soft dunes. There are walks to the beach at most ends of the streets, however, not all of them have bathrooms and showers. Offshore boat racing, beach volleyball, fishing, surfing and sunbathing are just some of the delights that await you.

The 300-foot Jacksonville Pier is a good spot to watch locals dine; the one-mile boardwalk is a pleasant place to stroll or people watch, and the Sea Walk Pavilion hosts many concerts and events. Jacksonville Beach, FL 32240 (90) 241-1515 Neptune Beach, FL 32231 (90) 270-2400 Located 16.4 miles from downtown Jacksonville, this oceanfront resort offers miles of relaxed and pleasant beaches. Surfers will find their happiness at the north end of this 1.5-mile long stretch. Founded in 1999, this research reserve protects 73,256 acres of the state's northeastern coast.

Fernandina Beach, FL 32034 (90) 310-3350 Opened in 1905, this 1,100 acre state park on Amelia Island will captivate you in a variety of ways. Ready to plan an amazing Jacksonville beach vacation? Find the perfect spot on one of these favorite Jacksonville beaches. Want to visit the most popular beach in the Jacksonville area? Head to Jacksonville Beach. The beach offers some of the best recreational activities in town, including fishing and water sports.

Known as Jax Beach by locals, it is the perfect place for surfing and golfing. All parking lots have public toilets, so it's convenient for you to take a shower or change your clothes. If you're planning on fishing, don't hesitate to visit the Jacksonville Beach Pier. This well-known fishing pier is over a quarter of a mile long with fishing cleaning stations and a bait shop.

Daily fishing charters leave from the pier, where you can fish with local boat owners. For a more peaceful beach atmosphere, head to Neptune Beach. North of Jacksonville Beach, this secluded coastal community is more common for locals and laid-back beachgoers. It is also a perfect vacation spot for families with young children.

The whole area is a pet-friendly beach. Feel free to take your dog to splash next to you in the water. With the hard sand, the most popular activities to do in Neptune Beach include biking, running and walking. A plethora of bike trails and nature trails easily make it one of the best beaches in Jacksonville.

Located on Barrier Island, just off the coast of Jacksonville, Atlantic Beach is a small coastal community with a rich history, incredible beaches and an incredible nature trail. Atlantic Beach is still considered “Old Florida” by many Jacksonville natives. Its island is known as the first Native American settlement in North America. Atlantic Beach is one of the hidden secrets of North Florida.

The secluded beach is only 800 meters from the city, but it feels far enough from the city to provide you with a romantic and tranquil atmosphere. Bring your surfboard, as the waves are some of the best on the east coast. Spend the day relaxing among the sand dunes or swimming in the crystal clear waters of Atlantic Beach. Do you want to get further away from the city? Ponte Vedra Beach is 18 miles south of downtown Jacksonville.

It's also just 26 miles from the historic city of San Agustin, making it a perfect beach to stay in if you plan to explore both cities. Many people staying at Ponte Vedra beach spend the day in the sun and then drive to one of the two cities for a night of food and dancing. With beautiful 40-foot sand dunes and incredible salt marshes, Ponte Vedra beach is a beautiful place to explore. Beach resorts and private chalets are perfect for ending the day in this enchanting tropical oasis.

Are you exploring Amelia Island on your to-do list? Fernandina Beach is the northernmost city on the Atlantic coast of Florida on Amelia Island. Known for its magnificent golf courses and the famous Eight Flags Shrimp Festival, Fernandina Beach has a rich history and is uniquely Floridian. Surfing is another favorite Jacksonville pastime and you can find local experts to coordinate surfboard rentals and classes for you. Kayaking the ocean, river and creek are some of the best ways to see Jacksonville and its abundant wildlife.

Nestled between the Atlantic and Jacksonville chains, this serene mile-long stretch is perfect for weary travelers. It's a fantastic place to learn about the Black Heritage Trail and Jacksonville in the 1930s and 1940s. Located in the northeastern part of Jacksonville, Little Talbot Island State Park is one of the only remaining undeveloped barrier islands in the state. Little Talbot State Park, located a short drive from Jacksonville on Little Talbot Island, has some of the most beautiful beaches in this part of the state.

Flanked by towering sand dunes (some of which reach 40 feet in height), this beautiful place is a treasure you won't want to miss. You'll rarely find this attraction in travel magazines and blogs that feature the best beach spots in Jacksonville. Then don't forget to put this beach at the top of your list of the best things to do in Jacksonville. Between Jacksonville Beach and Atlantic Beach, you'll find the small coastal community of Neptune Beach.

Nicknamed “The Poles”, this place is often called the best surf course in Northeast Florida. Resting on the grounds of Mayport Naval Station, this tranquil seaside spot is Jacksonville's best-kept secret. . .

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