Is jacksonville florida a good place to retire?

Jacksonville is an outlier in Florida in the sense that tourism and agriculture have never been the main economic drivers in this business city. But Jacksonville is a welcoming community that will become more popular as South Florida's traffic, cost of living, and flooding issues continue to worsen. The search for the perfect place to retire could start and end in Jacksonville, FL As a city, it has the remarkable distinction of being the largest city in the country in terms of physical area, but without the crowds associated with more populated areas. Jacksonville's climate doesn't have the oppressive heat of the rest of Florida, but it still has the beaches.

Featured on the Forbes list of five surprising food cities, Jacksonville's food scene is rising to the top. If you haven't considered Jacksonville as a potential relocation destination, you might want to think about Northeast Florida when you're ready to find your next home. Whether you want a place downtown, affordable housing in suburban Jacksonville, or a nice house on the beach, there's a home for everyone. If you have a fixed income or prefer to pinch pennies so you can splurge big, Jacksonville is an easy place to stay on a tight budget.

Jacksonville's parks, by the way, include miles of hiking trails for outdoor recreation, including in the city. The Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville and Baptist Medical Center complete local health care providers, both of which have earned a national reputation for the best healthcare in the U.S. UU. With Mayo Clinic, University of Florida Health, Ackerman Cancer Center, Memorial Hospital, Brooks Rehabilitation and many other world-class hospitals and health centers, Jacksonville is attracting people who need help managing the disease and living longer, healthier lives.

Active adults looking to live in a community of like-minded people can find a couple of great options in Jacksonville. With Jacksonville just 25 miles south of the Georgia state line, bold Southern flavors make a steady appearance. Even the summer heat is mitigated by the ocean in Jacksonville, with the warmest month, July, averaging 90 degrees. With access to docks, surfing, kayaking and boating, Jacksonville's beaches will be a dream destination for ocean lovers.

As for the other living costs to consider if Jacksonville, Florida, is a good place to retire, most are just above or below the national average. While hurricanes don't usually cause massive destruction in North Florida, where Jacksonville is located, it's still important to be aware of the risk and make preparations every hurricane season. In total, Jacksonville is home to more than 400 municipal parks, seven state parks and two national parks.

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