Is jacksonville florida liberal or conservative?

Federal Politics Eisenhower (R) with 50, 06% of the vote. Since 1980, Duval County has consistently maintained a higher margin of voting for Republicans than Democrats in presidential elections. The following map shows the political leanings of the people of Duval and the surrounding area. Darker red areas have almost all Republican voters, dark blue areas mostly vote for Democrats, and areas in lighter tones or light purple are areas where voting is generally divided between parties.

Jacksonville is the fifth most politically conservative city in the United States, according to new research published in the American Political Science Review. Researchers used data from nearly 2000 towns and cities to determine the country's liberal and conservative hotspots. Researchers from UCLA and MIT surveyed people in cities with at least 250,000 residents to get what they call an “ideological score”. They asked for their opinion on everything from health care to social issues.

Most of the findings were not surprising: denser metropolitan areas tended to lean more liberal, while smaller, rural places were more conservative. What surprised the researchers was how much ideology seems to affect decisions at the municipal government level. Conservative areas tend to have lower local taxes and fewer protections for minorities, for example. This runs counter to the traditional narrative that local decisions are generally less politicized than federal ones, but the study's authors say that the impact of voter ideology on local governance is “quite large.

For decades, this city near the Florida-Georgia line has been known for its naval bases, southern temperament and conservative politics. Beyond demographics, activists point to the work that progressive groups like Indivisible and the New Florida Majority have been doing on the ground. Jacksonville is also attracting and retaining greater turnout from millennials and generation Z voters from the region. Over the years, Jacksonville, which mostly shares its borders with Duval County, lost many well-to-do and conservative white families heading to the suburbs of neighboring counties.

For both sides, success or failure depends on their ability to anticipate and meet the needs of the new Jacksonville. Sampson's story is part of a larger shift underway in Florida's Duval County, reflecting many of the headwinds Trump faces across large areas of the country. In the late 1960s, Duval County and the city of Jacksonville merged into a single entity, creating a large sprawling city that looks like an overgrown suburb. Duval voters haven't opted for a Democratic candidate for governor since the 1986 candidacy of Jacksonville native Steve Pajic.

The average age in Duval is younger than in many other Florida counties, and young voters tend to be more liberal. Jacksonville voters also preferred Democrat Nikki Fried as commissioner of agriculture, leaving CFO Jimmy Patronis and Attorney General Ashley Moody as the only Republicans to lead Duval in a state race. Duval County, a traditionally conservative area in the northeast corner of Florida along the Atlantic Ocean, hasn't voted for a Democratic president since Jimmy Carter in 1976.Several locals said that the Republican Party under Trump has been transformed into a very different type of republicanism than traditional politics. which once attracted moderate rates from the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce.

Data from the Florida Chamber of Commerce reveals that the two states where most Duval transplants have come from in recent years are New York and Pennsylvania. Even if they are losing the upper hand in the state elections, local Republicans can be sure that their message and their candidates still resonate with Jacksonville voters. Republicans organize voter registration drive in Ponte Vedra, a conservative coastal community outside Jacksonville. .

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