Jacksonville fl?

It is the seat of Duval County, with which city government was consolidated in 1968.With a total area of 22,939 acres (92.83 km), it was the largest military base in the Jacksonville area. The Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum in Jacksonville is a branch of the world's largest private collection of manuscripts and original documents. Opened in 2003, the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena is a 16,000-seat entertainment venue that attracts national entertainment, sporting events and also home to the Jacksonville Sports Hall of Fame. Jacksonville's first predominant position as a regional business center left an indelible mark on the city's skyline.

This eliminated a separate county executive or legislature, and replaced these positions on the Mayor of Jacksonville and the Jacksonville City Council, respectively. The Jacksonville Housing Authority (JHA) is the quasi-independent agency responsible for public housing and subsidized housing in Jacksonville. In addition, the Florida—Georgia game (also known as the world's largest outdoor cocktail party), the annual college football game between rivals Florida Gators and Georgia Bulldogs, has been held in Jacksonville almost every year since 1933.Sheriff elected; public schools are overseen by Schools Duval County Public Services, and several services are provided by largely independent authorities. Haydon Burns' Jacksonville story resulted in the construction of a new city hall, civic auditorium, public library and other projects that created a dynamic sense of civic pride.

In 1958, a study recommended that the City of Jacksonville begin annexing outlying communities to create the largest geographic fiscal base needed to improve services across the county. In 1968, Jacksonville and Duval County consolidated their governments in the Jacksonville Consolidation. Jacksonville is home to a major league sports team, the Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football League (NFL). It takes place over the three-day Memorial Day weekend and includes the Jazzy Piano Competition JEA is authorized to own, manage and operate a utility system in and out of the city of Jacksonville.

Naval Air Station Jacksonville is a military airport 4 miles (6 km) south of the central business district. AT%26T (formerly BellSouth) is Jacksonville's local telephone provider, and its U-Verse service provides TV, Internet and VoIP telephony service to customers served by fiber-to-the-premises or fiber-to-the-node via a VRAD.

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