What airport do you fly into for jacksonville florida?

Flights to Jacksonville, Florida, usually land at Jacksonville International Airport, a civil-military center owned by the Jacksonville Aviation Authority. It is located about 8 miles north of Jacksonville city center. The term “airport” is generally another word for “nuisance” today, but that's not the case at the conveniently located sleek, ultra-modern Jacksonville International Airport (JAX). The app puts all your Jacksonville flight information, parking information and a wealth of interactive maps right at your fingertips with updates to help you plan and strategize your trip to Jacksonville.

Another major airport is St Augustine (UST), which has domestic flights from Saint Augustine, Florida, and is 38 miles from Jacksonville, FL. JAX, a newly renovated airport that is exceptionally fresh, clean and with a very sensible layout, is the main reason why Florida's largest city is an emerging destination for business planners, business meetings and travelers looking to have a good time. This airport has domestic and international flights and is 14 miles from downtown Jacksonville, FL. Daytona Beach International Airport (DAB) Daytona Beach Airport is the self-proclaimed “gateway to central Florida.

Book a ticket with American Airlines or Delta Air Lines, then sit back, relax and enjoy your flight. So when you're booking your next trip, think of Jacksonville, where it's easy to get around, travel and fly in style. It's an hour and a half from Jacksonville by car, but it's just a straight take on I-95 North. Not only the convenient location, but also the quick check-in and security, wide variety of food and beverage options, and extensive free Wi-Fi make Jacksonville International Airport (JAX) a standout for travel.

Often there are several airports near the city that you want to visit, so you can often find a cheaper flight to another airport. If your destination has multiple airports, consider the cost of flying to a less crowded terminal. That said, the most popular time to visit Jacksonville is from spring to mid-summer, from May to August, when the sun brings local and regional crowds to the beaches. One of the most beautiful and fun airports in the southeast, JAX is often described as a relaxing place that feels like home even when you're traveling.

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