What food is jacksonville known for?

You may not know that Jacksonville, Florida, is the largest city (in terms of area) in the United States and the largest city in Florida by population, which makes it very diverse. What you may not know either is that 904 really has an excellent gastronomic scene as a result of this diversity. Southern, international, urban and high-class cuisine intersect in a gastronomic paradise that has really come a long way in recent years. Here are 50 dishes you should definitely eat while you're at the dirty Duval.

This golden gem is tucked away just outside the Biscotti menu, but it's one of the best soups Jacksonville has to offer. Finish with one of the restaurant's many desserts: if you have trouble picking just one, you can always eat several slices of cake. Of the many places that offer guac in Jacksonville, this is absolutely one of the best. And they're located right next to the beach, making it perfect as an after-sun snack.

Aroma is the boba place in Jacksonville. There are many things to order here, but one necessity is their basic milk tea, with the flavor of your choice or matcha iced milk tea with lychee jelly. Salt is a little far from downtown Jacksonville, but it's worth it. The shredded phylum replaces semolina and among them there are shrimp and goat cheese.

This is probably the closest thing to a New York bagel in Jacksonville. So delicious you probably won't even worry about having poppy seeds stuck in your teeth. The 47 best bites in town by word of mouth This local restaurant serves traditional Spanish tapas, where everything from sausage to cheese and bread is handmade. You can't go wrong with anything on the menu of 13 gypsies, but one of the pillars of the restaurant is its risotto, which changes daily but is always delicious.

Beach Road Fish %26 Chicken Dinners offers fresh, locally-sourced seafood, as well as Southern fried chicken with traditional toppings that have made us a favorite with residents and visitors for generations. Located in the historic 5 Points area of Jacksonville, Black Sheep focuses on fresh local ingredients and craft foods and cocktails. You can't go wrong with anything you choose from this menu, but you'll never forgive yourself if you miss its poutine. They have the basics of an average poutine, hand-cut fries and cheese curd, but with a twist in the shape of their smoked rib sauce, which makes this dish anything but normal.

Serving fresh local seafood in Atlantic Beach, The Fish Company is an ideal spot for many different types of seafood, but what makes them stand out from the others is their oysters. Offered raw, fried or as a shooter for over 21 years old, there is an oyster for every appetite. Sometimes it's the simple things that make the best dishes. Kickback's Gastropub (along with Goozlepipe and Guttyworks) offer everything from high-end adventurous dishes to old-school favorites like potatoes, spaghetti and corn nuggets, which are perfect in their simplicity, and pair perfectly with any of the 180+ beers on tap.

If you are looking for food for the soul done right, Soul Food Bistro is the place to be. It was a tough decision between fried chicken and smothered pork chops, but pork chops come out as the king of comfort foods. Celebrity chef Kenny opened Silkie's Chicken and Champagne. An upscale yet fast casual restaurant in historic Springfield.

While you can't go wrong with anything on the menu, Chef Kenny's signature “Flavor Bomb” consists of smoked fried chicken drumstick served in Gouda Drop truffle cookies, Fernandina Beach hot sauce and orange blossom honey is a dish that dreams are made of. Crispy %26 Smokey with choice of spices and sweet is heavenly. Top 15 Happy Hour Spots in Jacksonville Top 5 Restaurants with a View in Jacksonville Visit Jacksonville 100 North Laura StreetSuite 120Jacksonville, FL 32202U, S. Every city has that place where the locals will take you.

In Jacksonville, TacoLu is that place. They were originally located about two blocks from the beach, but they quickly outgrew that location and had to move a few more blocks down the street. TacoLu is mainly a taco shop, but you can also find other Mexican dishes on its menu. The menu is à la carte, which I love because it allows me to mix and match.

Even though they are always busy, the food comes out fast and is absolutely delicious. Eating on shared plates solves the dilemma of eating out with the crowd, allows everyone to try multiple dishes, and is often a more enjoyable way to eat. The South knows how to cook for a crowd, and Beach Road Chicken Dinners is Jacksonville's original family-style staple. All meals start with individual bowls of coleslaw and are followed by plates full of fried chicken and endless side dishes of fries, mashed potatoes, gravy, rice, pea cream and crackers.

They go all around and when the plates empty, they keep coming. Don't forget the hot sauce and honey. For a view of family style that is a little different in the southern United States, there is Timwah Dim Sum, next to Baymeadows Road. Here, trolleys roll up to the table filled with trays of dumplings and other small Cantonese specialties.

There are two trolleys, one for steamed products and one for those baked or fried. The trolleys carry almost any dish on the menu, from steamed barbecued pork buns to jalapeños stuffed with shrimp. Best of all, these rolling buffets never stop doing their rounds. Jacksonville's culinary landscape is constantly evolving, but some signature dishes have survived the changing landscape, as new dishes leave their mark.

Located in the Riverside neighborhood, their draft list changes every day and serve delicious local food from around the world. Jacksonville has a wide variety of dining options, from low-key to elegant restaurants, throughout the city. Bistro AIX serves elegant classic French dishes in Jacksonville, such as snails, steaks and chips, and some amazing fish dishes. This elegant seaside restaurant in Jacksonville serves dishes such as Berkshire pork belly braised over cardamom brioche, French toast, Maine lobster ravioli and a trio of local fish.

After you have eaten your favorite local burger, ribs, pizza or seafood dish, dessert may be in order. Johns River, this Jacksonville restaurant offers a wide variety of fish, from ahi tuna and skillet sea scallops to the most modern fish tacos. Chan's family has owned restaurants in Jacksonville for 80 years, and the fusion of a Southern comforting dish like shrimp and grits with an Asian comfort dish like red curry, not only speaks to local diners, it also speaks to friendly chef Dennis Chan. The increasing number of food recalls and salmonella makes it increasingly important to know where exactly the meat comes from.

Jacksonville has plenty of other amazing places to eat, so let's start with the city's seafood restaurants before moving on to quick bites, barbecues, and other delicious options around town. And if you like the idea of surfing and lawn, there are three main types of barbecue in Jacksonville, depending on the areas within the state of Florida. Since Jacksonville isn't too far from the ocean, it's full of amazing local seafood spots. Dine on chicken cacciatore, Sicilian seafood stew, salami soppressata pizza and a nutella panna cotta at this amazing restaurant in Jacksonville.

At Sawgrass Marriott Resort %26 Spa, Vernon's offers fresh Florida seafood in several main courses (think spicy lobster with beluga lentils and roasted whole fish with fried artichokes and burnt lemon). . .

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